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About Us

The Microscopy Center at UL Lafayette is a research facility available to faculty, graduate students, and outside industry. Centrally located in Billeaud Hall, the multidisciplinary laboratory consists of a twelve room suite containing a full complement of equipment.

The Center offers a variety of instruments useful for imaging, structural analysis, and elemental determinations. Our staff can assist with or perform the following analysis:

  • Light microscopy including fluorescence, Nomarski, and confocal.
  • Atomic force microscopy (AFM)
  • Transmission (TEM) and scanning (SEM) electron microscopy with energy dispersive and x-ray fluorescence, backscatter, and environmental modes.

High-resolution digital image capture is available from most instruments with preparative equipment is on site. A wide variety of samples can be imaged. Our facility has been used by many area businesses in the fields of oil exploration, plastic fiber manufacturing, microencapsulation technology, and metal testing.

Learn more about our facilities and equipment, and feel free to contact us if you would like to conduct your own research here.